A Comparative Study of two Contemporary Writers Bharati Mukherjee and Manju Kapur


Bharati Mukherjee represents in her novels the contemporary woman’s struggle to define herself and attain an autonomous selfhood, especially in cross-cultural crisis, a subject which has assumed a great significance in the present world of globalization. Through her creations she depicts the distorted psyche of female immigrants who have been in continuous conflict between traditional Indian values and the western American culture, a liberal society. Framed with the didactics of immigrants and emigrant, the thematic difference of which centers much of Mukherjee’s fiction, her focus remains the predicament of migrant entities and the possibilities for absorption and rejection in the new world. However, there is also the common element of conflict of values and clash between different ways of life. In Manju Kapur’s novels, male characters are dominating but they do not come in the definition of a hero. They are affecting the psyche of women to such an extent that all the major women characters whether they are Virmati, Astha Nisha or Nina, all are on the verge of secluding themselves from the company of man. These four major women characters are searching a place for themselves in the male dominated society

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