Conference Report XIV Annual Conference of Rajasthan Association for Studies in English held at CIT, Abu Road, Nov. 4-5, 2017 : A Report

Rukhsana Saifee


21st Century British Literature echoes futility of warfare. The wars England had
participated in as a junior partner of the United States had caused a great human
suffering in England too. This was stated in some of the research papers presented at
XIV International Conference of Rajasthan Association for Studies in English hosted
by Chartered Institute of Technology, Abu Road. In England nationalism is tied to the
idea of supporting state policy as we find in India. Many writers in England have
raised their voices in favour of global peace, maintaining of ecological balance despite
England’s participation in allied forces which attacked many countries in the middle
east. The two day conference focused on “Contemporary Trends in English Language
and Literature: Exploring post 2000 A.D. Writings”.


Conference Report

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