What is a woman. This is trash. Leave it by Shweta Mishra ‘Shawryaa’. New Delhi: Authors Press 2016 P. 138

Mamata Dixit


The book ‘what is a woman’ is authentically raising several burning issues related
to female identity , equality, rape and harassment . It is a nonfiction subjective expression
of the feminist author who dares to ask those questions which still remain untouched
and perplex the mind of the reader .The book is divided into nine chapters. In these
chapters the writer boldly exposes the hypocrisy of the patriarchal mindset with hidden
agenda of placing women on the periphery of the society. Her suppressed anger on
behalf of the rape victims and prostitutes and the house wives out bursts in the form of
the book.
As she writes in her foreword “I erupt that which has distressed, depressed and
disturbed me most. I share something and try to suffocate out of some questions to
breathe, questions that torment me endlessly though they are usually sidelined as
“useless muttering” .’’


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