Anime, a Component of Japanese Folk Culture: The Analysis and Appreciation of Grave of Fireflies

Mrudula Lakkaraju


“Art is powerful, and therefore dangerous. All of the arts move people powerfully.
They can strongly influence our behaviour, and even our character. For that reason
music, along with poetry and drama and the other arts, should be part of the education
of young citizens in his ideal republic, but should be strictly censored to present, at
first, only the good.” (Robert E. Kraut, 2004)
Watching animation movies on television and in theatres is assumed to be for
children only. Adults accompanying the young audiences prime their mind that the
next two hours in the theatre will be a parental duty and nothing else. But in my
understanding, animation movies, the first recollection of our experience being Tom and
Jerry, caters to all audience, if the grown ups allow themselves to watch them with an
open mind. Animated movies are extremely creative and they sometimes might not
appeal to those who have a closed mind set on the harsh reality. But those of us who
appreciate creativity and innovation in all its forms welcome the entertainment the
animated movies have to offer



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