Traversing through Gender Issues in Baiga Folksongs

Priyanka Singh


A feminist reading of the position of women in literature available all over the
world paints the picture of a woman who is marginalized in all the spheres of life, her
creative talent is limited to her fate which is nothing but merely to beget children for
her husband, look after his family and household, bear all the responsibilities of her
male-counterpart at the cost of her happiness and health. In fact, she is treated
sometimes even more inhumanly than an animal. She is attributed with all what a
man does not like to be associated with. If we look at the canvas of tribal lore and
literature in light of the issues and points of discrimination or standards of western
feminists, it could easily be made out that these tribal women are also a part of the
bunch. The issues which form the backbone of the western feminist thought are well
applicable to these tribal folksongs. Actually, the whole society is patriarchal and has
been contriving in such a way as to marginalize women in all respects.



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