Listening to the “Unheard Voices” with Special Reference to Folklore of Rajasthan

Manoj kumar


The marginalized people are generally not given a proper place in elite literature.
As the name suggests, they could not become the part of mainstream society. It is also
quite true that these people have been struggling for centuries to make their voice
heard. But, the Folk literature of Rajasthan has not neglected them rather, has given
them due credit.
Folklore of Rajasthan is replete with different forms of oral literature. Folklore
comprises of songs, tales, ballads, myths, tongue-twisters, proverbs, sayings, alternative
medicine, folk cookery, architecture etc. Folk songs are replete with man’s tender
feelings, hopes and heroic sentiments in a very spirited manner. It evokes different
emotions among folk. These songs vary from region to region. In every walk of life,
songs play a great role be it happiness, sadness, seclusion etc. Besides, the vibrancy of
life is reflected in folk songs of Rajasthan.



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