‘Bharat’ Narratives in South Rajasthan

H. S. Chandalia


India is a vast country with numerous cultural regions in which different languages
are spoken and different art forms thrive. Although the Constitution of India has
recognized only twenty two languages in the eighth schedule, there are a large number
of languages in the country which have a rich treasure of literature in the written as
well as oral form. These literary compositions form the fabric of our composite culture.
Rajasthan is the biggest state of India in terms of land area. It touches the boundary
of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, New Delhi, Punjab and a big
part of the international border with Pakistan. The area of Rajasthan is 132,139 Square
miles which forms about 10.4 % of the total area of the country. The state has a
population of nearly seventy million. A majority of these speak Rajasthani. Although
it is not yet a part of the eighth schedule and the official language of the state is Hindi,
a very rich literary tradition of Rajasthani literature exists in the state. D.R.Ahuja in
his book Folklore of Rajasthan talks about the rich tradition of Oral Literature of



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