Kaleidoscope of Baiga Folksongs: Reading the Generic Forms and Literary Devices

Vipin K. Singh


The Baiga is one of the primitive tribes who basically reside in the provinces of
Central India. In early days they used to live in dense forests; and even today they live in
highly remote areas where there is no mobile and road connectivity. Being of shy nature,
they hardly get mixed up with other communities and with that of the main stream life.
Highly rich in literariness and literary devices, the Baiga literature reflects tribal culture
and the tribal mindset. Literature is so infabricated in their lives that they worship with it;
they travel with it; they sing while grazing their cattle and working in the fields, while
going to jungle while cutting the wood. There is hardly any literature in the world which
is as varied in themes and subjects as the Baiga literature is. In Baiga culture, a very minor
activity, a very minor incident is celebrated and that celebration is always followed or
complemented by some literary performance.



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